Kluane Drilling Ltd. has been operating for over 25 years from its base in Whitehorse, serving mining and mineral exploration clients throughout the Yukon Territory, British Columbia, the rest of Canada and Alaska. We offer skid-mounted drills for projects with road access and heli-portable drills for remote projects. Due to their light weight and modular nature, our drills are considered by many to be the safest and cheapest option for helicopter transport. We have a warehouse and manufacturing location in Whitehorse from which we support our Canadian and overseas operations.


Kluane has recently established a subsidiary in Chile, Kluane Drilling Chile S.A., and is looking forward to starting operations there in the near future.


KLUANE COLOMBIA began operations in 2008. To date we have drilled more than 700.000 meters, mainly for precious and base metals but also for coal, calcareous and other non-metallic materials.

Kluane Colombia has worked at most of the biggest projects in the country, like in Colosa, Burítica, La Mina, Quebradona,  Ventana-El Gigante, Vetas, Gramalote, Marmato, Segovia, Quinchia and others.  In all these projects our performance has been excellent because of our high rates of production, excellent core recovery and the highest rates of rig availability.

Since 2014 Kluane Colombia has the OHSAS 18000 certification by BVQI, which means a guarantee and a commitment with our Clients to maintain the highest standards in safety and the environment 

The knowledge and expertise of its staff as well as the versatility of its rigs give Kluane Colombia a strong capacity to carry out successfully every project in Colombia, whether for mining exploration or civil works, regardless of geographic or geological conditions.


Kluane Drilling started operations in Ecuador as Cien Minas back in 1999, and changed its name to Kluane Drilling Ecuador (KDE) in 2011. Our clients include Ecuacorriente, Codelco and Lundin Gold. Our operation is divided into two main areas, management based out of Quito and operations and shop based in Cuenca.


Kluane has been operating in Ethiopia since late 2012 as a foreign contractor and is in the process of setting up a branch office to expand operations and better serve the market.

With operations since 1999, Kluane Guatemala, S.A. has positioned itself as a local leader in the exploration drilling market serving most of the major players in the industry. Constant innovation, the highest standards of service and an incident free operation are our main goals. Our head offices and shop are located in Guatemala City from where we provide logistical support to projects located all throughout the country. Our clients include Goldcorp, Inc., Tahoe Resources, Inc., Anfield Nickel, Goldfield, Pillar Resources, and many others.
Founded in 2008 and strategically located in the mining heart of Mexico, the state of Durango, Kluane Drilling started operations as KDL Mexico, S.A. de C.V. We strive towards customer satisfaction through excellence in service, in strict accordance with our values, mission and goals. We are a company committed to safety and the environment. Thanks to the portability of our drills and the effort and dedication of our staff, we have successfully demonstrated the low environmental and social impact of our operations. In a constant search for excellence, we have developed strategies that have enabled us to achieve constant growth in an aggressive and competitive market. Through the strengthening of our values and commitment to the integrity of our staff, safety and the environment we strive to accomplishment our ultimate goal: client satisfaction free of incidents.
Kluane has been operating in Nicaragua since 2011 as a branch office under Kluane Nicaragua.S.A.  It´s served major mining clients such as B2Gold, Calibre and Hemco.
In an effort to expand operations into new regional markets, Kluane Panama, S.A. was officially incorporated in 2010. It is a fully operational subsidiary with the equipment and resources to provide drilling services throughout the country.
In an effort to expand operations into new markets leaders in the industry, Kluane Peru, SAC was officially incorporated in early 2015. It is a fully operational subsidiary with the equipment and resources to provide drilling services throughout the country.
Kluane is currently setting up its subsidiary Kluane Republica Dominicana and will be in the capacity of providing drilling services during Q1 of 2017.