Proprietary modular design: Kluane’s drills consist of three small but powerful diesel engines operating hydraulic pumps to provide the pressure and power required to operate the drill. 
All drills use the same technology and innovation allowing for the flexibility to perform optimally in any terrain under any conditions. 
Kluane’s modular design allows easy repair of the drills in the field: only the damaged part is removed and repaired or replaced while the drill keeps working, thereby minimizing downtime and maximizing production.


Kluane’s drills have very small footprints and are extremely quick to tear down, move and set up. 
They are characterized by their portability and the ease with which they can operate in remote or mountainous areas that lack or have difficult access, minimizing the impact on the environment and the costs. 
They are compact, light-weight and modularized which allows them to be broken down and transported by helicopter, truck or over trails by hand or mules. 
Key advantages of Kluane’s drills: 
* Adaptability to adverse climatic and geological conditions 
* Easy transportation and assembly of light-weight modular components 
* Fast and efficient logistics support 
* Minimal environmental impact - no need for large trails, or wide access 
* High production ratios and excellent depth capacity 
* Easily adapted to skid-mounted for projects with road access

Kluane’s drills perform very effectively in comparison with conventional drills in terms of depth capability and production rates. 
The thin wall system is used which provides core samples with larger diameters while allowing a greater proportion of power per cubic centimeter of cutting surface, resulting in greater efficiency and higher recovery rates. 
If required, Kluane’s drills can also be easily adapted to drill PQ diameter or use a triple tube system. 
Key Performance Ratios 
* Minimum target of 1200m production per drill per month under normal ground conditions 
* Average of 20-30 meters drilled per 12 hour shift 
* Minimum core recovery levels of 90 – 95% in normal ground conditions. 
* Minimun 95% effective operating time

We use the thin wall system with the following core diameters:

Because our clients’ needs vary considerably depending on their projects, we offer four types of man-portable drills with the following depth capacities: